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Are you competitive and ambitious?

Are you competitive and ambitious?

Then the BMBA is for you!

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At BMBA we provide great coaching

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At BMBA we concentrate on fundamentals

At BMBA we concentrate on fundamentals

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At BMBA we teach great skills

At BMBA we teach great skills
At BMBA we coach Boys and Girls

At BMBA we coach Boys and Girls

At BMBA we conduct specialized holiday camps

Why BMBA ?

  • Both of my boys have really enjoyed their BMBA experience. Not only have they experienced a dramatic improvement in their game and confidence, they have developed wonderful new friendships and from day one have been made to feel right at home by BMBA staff and coaches. It has really become a second home for the boys!

    At BMBA they really care!
  • The camps are so much fun, you hand out with your mates all day, you learn new skills and you get to play plenty of games. Unlike other camps where it is just a baby sitting service, at BMBA camps I either learn new skills or really improve the one I already know. I always come out of a BMBA camp an improved player.

    Michael X
  • A first it was intimidating to work with the boys, but after a while, i didn’t even notice and my game improved so much more by competing sessions with them as they were stronger and quicker. Now i play just as hard as them making my games on Fridays so much easier.

    Kate M
  • I love our individual training sessions. These sessions focus solely on developing players individual skill sets and mine have improved dramatically in 12 months! This makes the game for me so much more fun as I can do more things on the court and I learn news skills to try all the time.

    Corey X
  • At BMBA we work hard in all our drills so we can develop at a game pace. It’s great to work so hard, I really come out of every session pumped and ready to try news skills in my next game!

    Joel X

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